Gadgets-Gizmos Battlefield: The Best Action Cameras Vs The Best DSLR Cameras

chinavasionAre you jumbled up between selecting best action camera or best range of DSLR cameras so much so that you cannot make a prudent decision of which one to pick? If so, then this guide can be extremely handy for you to recognize the difference between them and the one that can suit your requirements optimally.


If you want to do more with your camera, then the best sports cameras are what you’re looking for.

The biggest selling point of these action cameras is how you can position them in a variety of places and positions. From mounting one on top of your helmet to securing one on an aquatic floater or even a flying drone, the possibilities with the best action cameras are virtually endless. As long as you have an idea of what view you want to take, you can rest assured knowing that action cameras can deliver.

This does come at a cost, though. Action cameras are meant to be as independent as possible from human control when it comes to capturing footage. While this works great for when you need to focus on your stunts or sporting activity, this automation impacts the overall quality somewhat – even with HD action cameras.


If you desire to tweak your videos for getting a high-end picture quality, then the range of DSLR cameras is what you should be looking at.

Top action camera is all about usefulness, while the digital single-lens reflex variants offer better quality. If you are a skilled photographer who understands functionalities in cameras and likes to toggle on ISO and shutter speeds, then DSLR camera will suit you the best to offer you mind-boggling footages.

DSLR camera surely requires a trained hand and is not for someone who is a beginner or who does not appreciate high-end complex technology inherent in his device. With specialty digital camera, you will have to modify its settings as per the environment. However, this should not be a problem when you are focusing on clicking still pictures in a fixed environment. So if you are learning to capture moments then it is optimal that you start with best action camera or else opt for a DSLR version of you are a professional photographer.


The best action cameras are tough little nuts – an especially important feature considering the abuse that they have to go through.

The top action cams are designed specifically to withstand pressures and environments that would quickly destroy other, more sensitive cameras. From shock-resistant components that can withstand heavy vibrations to completely waterproof cases that you can submerge under salt water to, you can count on the best action cameras to get the dirty jobs done.

You do, however, have to be very careful about what your camera can and cannot withstand. It would be folly to assume that all the best sportscams can withstand salt water or freezing temperatures, which is why it is a must to check the product manual even before exposing your camera to extreme conditions.


Being able to swap out lenses is a major deal – especially when it comes to picture quality.

If you are willing to invest (heavily) in photography, then you can stock up on lenses to optimize the footage you capture using your DSLR camera. From wide-angle fisheye lenses to 250mm super-zoom lenses, these interchangeable lenses will give you the purest images to work with when you get around to processing the footage on a computer.

This literally comes at a cost, which is why it is highly recommended that only professional photographers or dedicated enthusiasts invest in multiple lenses. It would also take a trained eye to determine which lens works best in which situation; once again emphasizing the need for knowledge when it comes to making the most of DSLR cameras.

The Bottom Line

If you need footage that is as clear and crisp as can be, then a DSLR camera is what you want. You’ll need to drop some time and money to really utilize it to its fullest, and you’ll need a stable platform from which to operate from, but the quality is well worth it in the end.

If you want first-person footage that you can easily set up on a variety of mounts, then you’ll want to grab a sports camera. The best action cameras may not yield the same quality of footage as their DSLR counterparts, but they more than make up for this with their versatility and ease-of-use.

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