How Enrolling in Cardio Kick Boxing Workout Helped Me Shed Pounds

JG`S Fitness CentreThe fever of getting in shape was in the air and it was high time that I realized that I should lose some pounds as well. I was turning 26, I wanted to look good, and considering my craze to get in shape, I started planning ways to accomplish my objectives. I jotted out every activity right from attending Bootcamp classes to maintaining the right diet. I also spared a thought to hit the gym as many people do but somewhere I along the line I knew that gym was not meant for me. I had a nine to five job and I knew that hitting the gym after work hours would need some massive motivation.

I wanted to play it smart and explore new ways of losing weight. This is when I started browsing the internet for answer and I stumbled over an amazing portal that belonged to a fitness center in Mumbai. I browsed their official website and this group had something unusual to offer. This fitness center had programs for cardio kick boxing workout, Aerobics, Mat Pilates, Strength Cardio Circuit programs, Yoga Power & Movement and bunch of other programs that were designed especially fitness and weight lose. I weighed about 195 pounds and I was looking forward to bring the score down to 180 in the next three to six month.

I was quite fascinated understanding the programs had developed by this fitness group and reviewing each one of them definitely got my interest. Since I was kid, I always had an interest to achieve body flexibility with yoga. So initially, I thought of registering for power yoga classes but then I realized that doing yoga without shedding some pounds would be meaningless. This is when I enrolled for cardio kick boxing workout as the term kickboxing had lured my mind. I knew that the workout planned under this program is effectively designed for cardio, however doing cardio via kickboxing was an unheard thing for me.

I assumed that this program would not be suitable for me but then I had no options either. I visited this center and had a talk with a representative who was responsible for developing these workout programs. I clarified the questions I had in mind and understood what the program was all about in actuality. This program did involve movements from the kick boxing martial art form. However, these moves are taught in a systematic process.

One of the experts addressed me that usually beginners who enroll in this program have no idea about kickboxing. Thus, the participants are taught kickboxing movements in an intense manner, which helps participants to get along with kickboxing and lose weight at the same time. The charges were budget friendly and the timing was completely flexible. With flexible timings, I had no problems attending the class after work. Within a span of three months, I had brought the score right from 195 pounds to 187 pounds. I had an amazing time with experts offering quality guidance to stay in shape.

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