Want To Save on Transfer Rates and Enjoy Seamless International Money transfer? Read This!

themoneycloudFor one reason or the other, you may need to transfer money from one country to another. It could be for the purpose of shopping, investment or relocating. The banking systems allow for this money transfer. They can move your money from one account to another at particular rates for the new currency. However, these rates are not always to your favor. Sometimes they buy the new currency at very high rates and you foot the losses. Thanks to privately owned firms, such as The Money Cloud, you can move your money from one country or jurisdiction to the next at very attractive rates. This firm in particular is the proud recipient of the Fintech Circle Award.

There are private firms that can help you move your money from one country to another at the lowest rates. After performing a money transfer comparison between them and the banks, experts in the field have found that the firms can transfer various amounts of funds that you want from one nation to another without any money transfer fees involved. In addition to that, they have better exchange rates than the ones that you find in the banks.

Characteristics of these firms

Professional international money transfer firms have a number of characteristics. These characteristics include:

  1. They employ and apply only the best Foreign Exchange (FX) brokers
  2. Their business practices are transparent
  3. They ensure that your money is kept as safe as possible

They apply the best FX brokers to handle your money

They ensure that they only employ the best Foreign Exchange (FX) brokers to transfer your funds. They apply innovative methods to move the money from one account in one country to another. These brokers perform a money transfer comparison to identify the perfect rates for you. They are as accommodating as they are skillful and work to create lasting bonds with their clients. These brokers will go out of their way to search for the best deals for you. They also apply industry accepted methods to ensure that your money is safe and secure.

All their business practices are completely transparent

They provide their clients with guides that are easy to follow. The prices that you are offered are honest. In addition to that, you can enjoy personalized services from the brokers. You can call them whenever you want and they will be at your service. Whenever you are faced with a financial decision when living in the new country or when in the process of transferring your funds, simply contact the FX brokers and they will assist you solve the problem immediately. Adherence to such stringent rules has helped firms such as The Money Cloud win the Fintech Circle Award.

They apply the safest measures for your money

Whenever money is involved, security must be observed and maintained. Every company that private money transfer firms work with must be checked thoroughly before it is added to the list of clients. When you approach this type of firm to transfer your money, you are required to provide quite a number of documents to ensure your legitimacy. The activities that these firms conduct are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As such, you can be sure that you are working with professionals.


If you need to transfer any amount of money from one country to the next, don’t go to the banks. Consult a private firm such as The Money Cloud to move the money for you. They are effective, discreet and highly reliable.

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Wondering if Induction Cookware is Right for You? Here’s a Comparison between Gas and Induction Cooking

Before making the decision here is a detailed comparison between gas and induction cooking. The information will help you which technology best compliments your cooking style. However, here’s a brief discourse on induction cookware for the benefit of people new to the technology.

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking is the most efficient, accurate and energy conserving cooking method available today. In induction cooking, electromagnetic waves, housed under a ceramic cooktop surface heat up the cookware placed on it without heating up the ceramic top.

The non-stick induction cookware must be made from magnetic metals such as steel or iron for heating to occur. The magnetic properties of the cookware allow it to gather energy from the underlying circuit and in the process, it becomes hot. Cookware made with aluminum, Pyrex and copper don’t work with induction cookers. However, there are some nonstick induction cookware made from copper and aluminum that play well with induction.

The standard gas burner, on the other hand, heats up first before heating the cookware. The transfer of heat between a gas burner and the cookware is not efficient, leading to energy loss. However, with induction cookware, heating occurs within the cookware, heating up the food directly. Once you take the cookware off the ceramic top, heat transfer stops immediately since you break the circuit.

Advantages of Induction Cooking

With induction cookware sets, chances of getting burns are rare compared to other cooking methods. Even when you place your hand on the cooktop, you find that it’s relatively cool. On the contrary, gas or electric cooktops continue to be sweltering even long after cooking. Because do not have to worry about gas leaks when using induction cooktops is also an added advantage.

Additionally, non-stick induction cookware is easy to clean compared to gas or electric cookware. The reason is with gas cooking the heat rises to the very top of the cookware where it cooks food. The food then sticks to the cookware, making it harder to clean. With induction, however, the heat stays near the bottom of the cookware. Therefore, there’s no residue at the top of the cookware.

Secondly, you might be pleased to know that induction cooking hardware is super easy to clean. The cooktop is made from ceramic or glass allowing you to wipe it easily right after cooking. With gas and electric cookers, you have to wait for the cooking element to cool down before cleaning it. If you don’t, you risk nasty burns.

Cons of Induction Cooking

There are no clear cons when it comes to induction cookware sets. As already demonstrated, the cooking technology has a lot to offer. However, some people feel put off by induction cooktops because they cannot see a visible fire. With gas cookers, you can see when something is ‘cooking’ by relying on the visible flame from the burner, and you can control the flame with a set of knob controls.

When using induction cookers and nonstick induction cookware, there’s no visible flame. The only way to control the cooktop is with a dial that doesn’t tell you very much about the ‘cooking’. This is purely a matter of preference, not a disadvantage.

Trust this Service Provider for the Best Beach Shoes

Dude-Spring-This New Year, I planned to do things a little differently. I partied less than I usually did, and I pampered myself with a lot of essential items. Shoes were one of the items that I chose to present myself with. I needed shoes that were suitable for daily wear, as shoes that perfectly went along with my gym and fitness plans. I also decided to buy the choicest of beach shoes.

I was on the lookout for a one-stop-shoe shop that would quench all my requirements pertaining to shoes that were not only stylish but comfortable as well. My friend recommended this web store, which was quite impressive at first glance. This store presented me with several designs and styles of shoes that I could select from. I purchased two pairs of the most attractive beach shoe designs, which were appropriately waxed with a waterproof lining to render its wearer supreme comfort. What I liked the most about this provider, was the manner in which it optimally blended traditional Italian style with contemporary technology in its shoe designs, to give my soles utmost comfort.

I also purchased some of the exotic looking variety of summer shoes. I preferred the printed shoes to add a dash of colour to my outfit. I also bought unique flats and wedges to render me the best of both worlds. I really loved the way in which this provided some of the most attractive ranges of summer shoes, in order to pamper every foot and sole. I chose to pamper my feet with well-articulated and smooth summer look.

I purchased the Wally Matcha Hewn Vamp that came with an elastic lace system to present my summer slip-on with special character. The shoes that I purchased were the hewn version as well as the classic Wally that featured the complementary woven effect vamp. These shoes stood out as one of the very jeans appropriate types, but also went well with different styles and designs of shorts.

Canvas shoes from this professional shoe shop, perfectly quenched my daily requirements. Not only did I get the best variety of shoes from this shop, but also found them practical for running day-to-day errands. The shoe design I purchased was such that I could even wear it for my running and jogging. I could even wear them at work for casual dress days, and also flaunt them at certain casual occasions.

The Dude Firenze Canvas that I bought is a traditional lace up shoe with an enclosed PVC toe cap. The sole technology inherited in this variant of canvas shoe was awesome, and featured a patented low density EVA technology. It had an insole that was removable and which embodied a leather lining to be worn barefoot. This is good enough to keep bacteria at bay. This variant of canvas shoe was light and could be machine washed at 30 degrees centigrade.

If you need to purchase the best variety of shoes, that are attractive and robust to use, it is pertinent that you select this shoe shop. You could get some of the best styles at affordable rates.

Lee Catherine is author of this article on beach shoes.Find more information about Canvas shoes.

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