Select this Specialty Clinic for Getting Rid of Chin Fat

sfdermI wanted to get rid of my chin fat, which is why I started to looking for a medical facility. I refrained from going to run-of-the-mill clinics that lured customers with first-time bonus offers.  Instead, I preferred to stick with the purebred clinics that were renowned for the innumerable treatments inherent in them. It is through a friend that I came to know this specialty dermatologist clinic. I checked its online reputation and found it to be one of the highly ranked clinics. It was well liked by all its past clienteles and that indeed spoke volumes of the clinic.

I decided to take treatment from this specialty clinic. From the very first consultation session, I could gauge the proficiency that this clinic demonstrated. Meeting with its team of prolific doctors instilled the much-needed confidence in me. Its team of dermatologists was certified by the Board of Dermatology and had the expertise to take up any kind of specialty services. It used the most advanced technology to correct skin defects in its patients. Be it the wrinkles on the face or the chin fat eradication, this setup implemented autologous process for fat transplantation. It is through this that my chin fat and other facial deformities were corrected optimally.

I have not yet seen a more profound skin doctor that is not only experienced but also is fully involved in patient care as demonstrated by this service provider. I did also undergo treatment for eradicating my facial Wrinkles through well-known dermatologists and plastic surgeons from this specialty setup. In my process, the doctor used the photo-damage classification system that was developed by him. It helped him ascertain my skin type. The entire process was articulate and assured me in eliminating the progressing degrees of photo aging. Wrinkles and photo aging are caused due to over exposure to ultraviolet light. My facial skin being tender was susceptible to photo aging. It is through this treatment that I could avoid the formation of discoloration and excessive wrinkles.

This specialty setup also provided me with the most appropriate Photo Facial. The doctors were professional and sent me for evaluation for ascertaining my medical history. This specialty clinic had doctors that adhered to all the formalities with the utmost care. It gave me an expertise on all the protocols that was required by me to adhere to. Mine was an early photo aging with mild pigment alteration, minimal wrinkles and no age spots. It is through these specialty dermatologists that my skin health was revitalized and I got an all-new skin that had a glow and vibrancy. Today, my skin has the best suppleness and smoothness. I could get the porcelain luster to it only because of the formidable treatment and patient care rendered by this clinic.

I will definitely recommend this professional clinic to anyone, who desires to get the best treatment in dermatology. I would definitely opt to take treatment from this excellent setup for all the high-quality treatment it offers in skin repair. There are many treatments, which this medical setup provides wide-spectrum of clients with!

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5 Sober Celebrities Who Made An Impact In The Upscale Sober Living Industry

Pure recoveryPeople love scandals and whenever a scandal is uncovered, it is usually about a celebrity and their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some celebrities end up checking themselves in upscale sober living homes as damage control while others continuously go to rehab for publicity purposes.

However, there are some celebrities who are able to make their scandalous lives around and promote addiction or alcoholism recovery treatment to the public. These celebrities made a difference and helped make sober living for men and women a hip thing among their fans who have the same problems.

Here is a list of the top five celebrities who made it their lifelong pledge to eradicate the United States from drug addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism.

Rappers Eminem and Macklemore

It is known in the entertainment industry that some musicians, albeit in secret, are battling with addiction or alcoholism or both. This scenario is similar to what Eminem and Macklemore have gone through in the past but due to their determination to live a clean life, they checked themselves in halfway house sober living facilities to help them get sober.

But both rappers didn’t stop there. Eminem made sure that the whole world learned about his struggles through his music while Macklemore wrote a song entitled “Starting Over” about his relapse and how he succumb the courage to get sober again. With young teenage boys as fans, these two are setting a good example in teaching them about the dangers of drugs and why it is important to seek professional help.

“Iron Man” Robert Downey, Jr.

When Robert Downey, Jr.’s son Indio accused of drug charges, he stood by him and supported his son by encouraging him to seek treatment and become sober. His son’s issue hit close to home as the actor was once a recovering addict but has maintained his sobriety after checking himself in a treatment center.

The “Iron Man” star knew that addiction is a disorder that may be passed genetically and while most people find it embarrassing, the actor made his guidance public to also encourage other parents who are suffering the same fate as his.

Child Star Drew Barrymore

Being “America’s Youngest Addict” might have been the turning point of actress Drew Barrymore. She admitted to doing drugs at 13, attempting suicide after checking in an addiction treatment center, and finally being sober. While she might have been a victim of unfortunate circumstance, as both her parents are addicts, Barrymore made sure that the world learns from her mistake.

Publishing “Little Girl Lost”, she shared her life story to her fans and while she claims that she still drinks occasionally, she states she maintains the balance by not going over her limit. As a matter of fact, People Magazine included her in their “Most Beautiful People” list because they are enamored by her courage and fight against addiction.

Comedian Matthew Perry

While Matthew Perry is well-known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit series FRIENDS, many are also aware of his addiction battle. Instead of keeping it a secret, he made it public to help others and show support to those who badly need it.

As a token of his lifelong determination to stop addiction, he even build a recovery home out of his own home to help others get the right and safe treatment for addiction and alcoholism.

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