The original Kush strains of the cannabis have rugged qualities

Cannabis has medicinal and recreational use. In spite of various Governments banning its cultivation, many cannabis growers plant these seeds legally as well as illegally. The cannabis seeds require a particular kind of climate to flower properly. You get these climates in the Hindukush Range of mountains in the regions around Pakistan and Afghanistan. The variety of cannabis growing in these regions is renowned as the Kush strains.

The Kush strains are extremely popular throughout the world. These plants grow in tough circumstances and have a resinous quality. People all over the world seek these strains for a variety of reasons ranging from medicinal to recreational. This is the original Cannabis Indica breed or variety of the plant.

Man has a habit of trying out various artificial breeding. Hence, you can explain his attempts to crossbreed the pure Indica variety with the popular Sativa strain for discovering a new strain having both these qualities. The crossbreeding requires maintenance of certain geographical conditions. After many attempts at doing so, the breeders have tasted success in growing the crossbreed variety in the mountainous and desert regions of California.

They named this strain as the OG Kush strain. This breed has the qualities of both the Indica and the Sativa. The true formula of the crossbreed is a secret as of today. However, many phenotypes of the breed have become popular because of various breeding programs.

The original OG Kush structure is easy to identify. You get a variety of these Kush strains in the online market. These Kush strains have the rugged qualities of the Afghani Kush and the highbred OG Kush. This makes for a mouth-watering combination.

There are many variants of the Kush strains such as the purple strains, haze strains, etc. However, the original Kush strain does have its popularity even today.

The hippy culture in America is the main reason for the growth of cannabis strains in the US. Originally, from the mountainous ranges of Pakistan and Afghanistan, this cannabis plant has now reached the shores of many Western countries, notably the USA.

They have succeeded in creating different crossbreeds between the traditional and rugged Indica and the popular Sativa. The Purple Haze strains are the perfect example of this crossbreeding.

The result is that you have cannabis of the highest quality on hand. This cannabis can give you an instant kick. The Purple Haze strains owe their origins to the Haze brothers in California. Sam the Skunkman has the credit for bringing this strain to the Netherlands.

This original OG Kush breed has a long flowering time best suited for the outdoor climates. The climatic conditions in Europe are not perfectly conducive for the outdoor growth of cannabis. Hence, they have modified the OG Kush strains into the haze strains making the same capable of growing indoors. The latter half of the 1980s has seen a spurt in the growth of the haze strains in Europe. However, today, you get these Kush strains seeds and the Haze strains seeds in the online market.


What is the Perfect Strain of Marijuana to Grow in Your Farm?

Marijuana farms are popping up everywhere nowadays. There seems to be a new farm or another one coming up on a daily basis. Well, you can thank the legal system for being a bit less conservative. There are more and more states that are legalizing the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. This has contributed greatly to the increase in the number of marijuana farms in various parts of the country. Growing marijuana is pretty simple under the condition you have the right strain and the right seeds. A quick visit to will prove to be very beneficial. It is one platform that has proven to be great for weed enthusiasts.

Before going any deeper into this article it is worth mentioning that there is no perfect strain. However, there are some that really do rank well in performance. They are very good and they can grow in just about any place. Weed AK47 is not the only strain that you can grow. Others that you will love include:

  1. Hindu Kush

Well, this is not exactly very popular but its offspring are. These are the Master Kush and OG Kush. Do not ask where the names came grow and it probably does not even matter to most farmers. They are quite simple to grow and they have power in them that you cannot begin to imagine.

  1. Grand Daddy Purple

Characterized by its unique colors and style Grand Daddy Purple is a veteran strain that any farmer will love. It offers a very potent and long-lasting medicinal effect. It also brings with it flavor like no other plus a high that is characteristic to it. Talk of uniqueness in the weed family and this strain is going to pop at the top of the list. It has enabled the production of multiple hybrids which have been lauded for their great effects in the medicinal circles.

  1. Durban poison

If there is a strain of weed that anyone planning on growing marijuana should put into consideration then it must be this stain. Durban is an exciting strain to have on your farm. To start with it is of premium quality and it produces great weed. For those who are looking to make a good amount of money from weed farming this is a strain that they should put into consideration.

  1. AK47 weed

Weed AK47 cannot fail to make its entry on this list. It should actually be at the top of the list. This is probably the easiest strain to grow. This is one strain that is so easy to recognize if you know your weed properly. It offers a fantastic and very distinct note of sandalwood and hints of sweet spice. The power that this weed packs in it is immense. Euphoria kicks in pretty fast. It makes sense that it is prescribed for people with anxiety and stress disorders. has been popularizing this strain greatly and there is a lot of reason why they do so. It is fantastic!

  1. Skunk #1

This is one strain that, just like AK47, should never lack on a list of the best strains of weed. It is an iconic hybrid of Mexican, Colombian and Aghani strains. Whether you want to grow it indoors or outside, the yields are always going to be good. It is a fantastic option to have on your farm. Pay a visit to to learn more about the perfect strains of marijuana that you can grow on your farm.

Raymarine Dragonfly Series: Pros and Cons

One of the leading brands in manufacturing boating supplies used in fishing is Raymarine, and they take pride in manufacturing a lot of technologically advanced fish finders.

A fish finder is a boating equipment which is used to find the location of fish under water. It sends down sonar signals which detects pulses of sound energy, which will be your key to knowing where the fish are located.

This review will give you the pros and cons their most popular series of fish finders, the Dragonfly Series, to help you decide if this brand best suits your purpose. It is home to features which is similar to other brands, like having internal GPS, a user-friendly interface, and it can be connected to Wi-Fi.

Here are some unique pros and cons of the product:


1.      It gives you the clearest picture of what is underwater.

Purchasing a Dragonfly Fish Finder means saying goodbye to those blurry images on your fish finder display screen.

The Raymarine Dragonfly series uses one of the newest breakthroughs in marine electronics, the CHIRP Downvision Technology. CHIRP stands for Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse, which gives out stronger sonar signals than the usual fish finder. As a result, it gives you a photo-like imagery of what is underwater. The view is so detailed, you’ll be able to easily differentiate a plant, fish, and rock on your screen.

Before the CHIRP Downvision Technology, you’ll only be able to get these very detailed views if you purchase special boating supplies which costs a lot of money.

2.      It is better at finding fish than anything before.

This still has something to do with their CHIRP technology and the stronger sonar signal it emits. Because of this technology, the fish finder is able to cover a wider distance and deeper depth. It gives accurate locations, too.


1.      It come with a very brief manual.

Many of fishing enthusiasts have said a thing or two about this fact. Getting marine equipment to work will be very easy for experts, but not for first-timers and the not-so-seasoned hobbyists. Installing and setting-up the device would have been a whole lot easier if the manufacturers have provided a more extensive guide.

2.      The transducer

Many have also had words against the Dragonfly’s transducer, saying that it won’t work on certain locations where they mount it on their boat. This happens during their first try, but still get them to work at some point.

The size of their transducer is also 7-inches long, which is too long and not very ideal.

Given all these, the pros still outweigh the cons of the Dragonfly series from Raymarine. This is definitely one of the boating supplies which will give you a better and more productive fishing experience.

Rob Quint is the author of this article on boating supplies. Find more information, about Raymarine.

Why I Recommend Using Online Store for Buying Creeper Shoes?

tukshoesNot too long ago, I was caught in the recent trend of buying Creeper shoes and flaunting that thick-soled style. I noticed many of my friends switching to wearing these thick-soled shoes and the best part about these shoes was its compatibility factor. These shoes were amazing and it could be paired with any type of outfits. In addition to that, having broad end soles helps in lasting long. One of my friends said that once purchased, these shoes could easily last for more than a year.

Being caught up in all this hype, eventually made me go on the hunt to buy a pair of creepers. I had decided from the very start that I would be settling for black coloured creepers as the colour black goes hand in hand with all costumes. I started searching for these shoes over online portals since I was looking for creepers available at discounted prices.  Within a spur of moment, I was redirected to an amazing online store that had huge stocks of black creepers.

Buying the right pair of shoes is a daunting task however buying the right pair of creepers is even frightening. This is because, these creeper shoes have many variants, and choosing to stick with one is simply confusing. If I find a pair that had good designs then the next model would have some amazing heel structure and the designs that follow by anarchic boots or flat-soled designs, which gets even more perplexed. I shortlisted some of these shoes and added them to the cart.

The prices quoted over different models also varied based on the products and the features that were embedded in it. I finally placed an order for a black coloured creeper that was looking stunning. The pair that I chose had a nice front end, which was said to be Iconic Skull and bones tread. The colour black was not the ordinary black. The body of was covered in petrol black upper material that made it glossy and shining. Since the retail store and I were both, based out in UK, this company had offered me free shipping.

Getting the shipping charge excluded helped me save some cost and I already got the pair of shoes at a discount of 10 Euros. Overall, the deal was amazing. As I placed an order, I got a confirmation mail that helped me track my package. The product was about to be delivered within a span of seven days however the shoes arrived at my doorstep within three days. I witnessed the quality of the shoe and I have to admit that I could not have gotten a great deal from elsewhere.

As I started wearing creepers, my love for thick-soled shoes started to amplify. I loved the feeling of walking when the sole is really comfortable and comfortable enough to support the feet. I also browsed for other models of combat boots just to test my luck and these combat boots also looked amazing. I managed to get an amazing deal out from this online store.


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Make your own statement with Custom Silicon Bracelets

theawristocratAre you looking to use an attractive customized symbol, statement or any name as a bracelet or wristband? You must choose customized silicone wristbands or bracelets that can be imbibed with any type of special message or statement. There is no end to the type of designs and their artistic appeal which the new designs can establish. One can explore various kinds of talents as well with the help of these new customized silicone bracelets by adding your own personal touch to them as well.

Ways to Customize

There are various kinds of online websites available online from where you can choose the right kind of design which you need for designing personalized Silicone wristbands. Initially you need to choose the right kind of product as well the number of bracelets you wish to design. Next thing you need to do is pick the right kind of color you wish to have on the bracelets. One can choose different kinds of colors for bracelets such as yellow, green, blue, red, black and white depending on your choice. There can be various kinds of combination of multiple tones and options are there for you to choose. It can be a fun activity where you can plan to choose different options of personalized and cheap silicone bracelets and turn them into a useful item.

If you are looking for various manufacturers that can design the unique kind of styles with different mix of colors and style as per your requirement finally you can choose the optimal print and submit the artwork over mail and even add a personal message as well with the design. You can intend to opt for different patterns and symbols along with message which can be embossed on bracelet or can be debossed.

Convenience and Fun

One of the critical things which must be considered in order to buy cheap silicone wristbands or bracelets is ensuring that you order in bulk. If you choose to buy one or two items of customized design then it may cost you more, however you may choose to go for a bulk order that is made from silicone and also quite flexible when it comes to wrist size and design. There can be variations in the standard design suited for children and adults as well. You can order in bulk and these rubber bracelets can be used during promotional events, awareness campaigns and other programs which are designed to show support for certain cause. There are endless options when you are planning to buy bracelets depending on your requirement.

Creative freedom

One of the biggest benefits of choosing bracelets is that it gives you unique artwork and design option. You can include a long message about your company or product and show your creativity by adding small quotes to add on. Most companies give you option to customize bands by allowing employees to design the customized rubber bracelets in different color and design form that can be unique. This way you get a lot of freedom when it comes to checking your creativity.

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Use Nootropics and Increase the Power of your Memory

Clarity NootropicsIt was with the intake of the smart drug, nootropics that I was a little relieved and had peace of mind. The stress of the weakened cognitive power of my brain had led me to run through disastrous situations and face losses all over. It was like I lost everything and there was no chance of recovering my lost mind unless I came across and became aware of using nootropics to cure this confused state of mind. Ordering this supplement from a well known and certified source provided reliable and trustworthy services. It ensured that this was a safe way to enhance my memory and intelligence.

I consulted a health expert to verify that using nootropics had no side effects on my brain health and got to know that a huge chunk of population all over the world used this smart drug. Being a great supplement to heighten brain’s cognition activity, mood, learning ability, memory power, focus and motivation, it also had various other benefits. The following advantages of nootropics highly motivated me to start using it:

  • Increasing neuro plasticity

Though popular as a buzzword in the brain training industry, neuro-plasticity is referred to a very scientific phenomenon. The process inside the brain which includes the offshoot neurons that are linked to other neurons to send a message could be controlled using nootropics.

  • Prevention of signs of aging

The ability to adapt to new things and form new connections between different neurons is said to decline with age. The result may be less effective, lower memory capacity or even memory loss. This can be reversed with the help of this supplement as it worked on the acetylcholine and glutamate receptors in the brain which are known for enhancing synaptic plasticity.

  • Focus

It was very rare that I found myself focusing on any one thing. Therefore, the main reason to switch to smart drugs was to improve my focus and attention at whatever I did. Creating alertness and a sense of clarity at the same time was easy with nootropics.

  • Mood enhancer

Many types of these supplements were said to be mood enhancers. It had the ability to manipulate and improve any mood swing I experienced and also reduce anxiety. Thus, as the anxiety level was reduced at a quite good level, I could see my performance growing which developed at a great pace.

  • Anti-fatigue

The nootrophics were beneficial by blocking the receptors in my brain and hence providing more efficient synthesis of energy. Thus, I was able to work longer and provide more effectiveness to my work at home as well as in office.

  • Reasoning and creativity

Though these supplements were best when combined with any other form, they had the best effects as per my experience. A smaller amount of this smart drug also influenced general reasoning skills and improved the creativity in solving any problem. Utilizing nootropics at regular levels without getting addicted to it helped me with an active presence of mind for any work.

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