Time to Grab a Golden Investment Option with the Best Sprint MVNO



According to the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), over 59% of phone retailers complain about the lack of technical support from phone service companies. A report from the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) shows that 78% of these retailers are looking for other phone service providers due to unreliability of their partners.

Enter the Best Sprint MVNO

Well, if you own a wireless retail shop it is time to up your game by partnering with the best Sprint MVNO. Boss Cellular has created a storm in the industry by providing the most reliable phone services. Indeed phone customers are buying these services not only due to the lower prices but also the flexibility of the payment plans.

Whether you want to become a wireless retailer or you already own a store it is time to grab this once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity. The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is looking for dealers in every city and you can leverage its revolutionary services to get a competitive edge in your city.

Here are some other reasons you should become a Boss Cellular dealer.

  • Amazing commissions: You will agree that most retailer complaints have to do with poor returns. With Boss Cellular, you receive an instant 15% commission for every transaction completed. A casual glance at the industry proves this is the best rate and none other even comes close.


  • Your own boss: Nothing is as frustrating as having a Master Agent hovering over you and then sharing your commissions. With Boss Cellular there is no Master Agent.


  • One portal operation: One of the greatest letdowns about retailing phone products is the fact that you have to use multiple systems to complete transactions for different phone service companies. Boss Cellular has changed all this and through one single portal you are able to complete all payments.


  • Flexibility: As an established phone service company, we offer you the backing you need to become a successful business without charging ridiculous fees. Whether you want full branding or you just want approval to sell Boss Cellular services the choice is yours.


  • Training: The U.S SBA says over 67% of new businesses fail within two years of launching. One of the greatest pitfalls according to business experts is lack of strong business foundation. Boss Cellular helps you through training in marketing, business setup, advertising, insurance matters among other things. This helps you and your employees to be better grounded and avoid failure.


  • Affordable services: To succeed as a dealer you have to sell phone services and other accessories at affordable prices. This best Sprint MVNO offers flexible payment plans and you can bet you will always have happy walk-in customers.


  • Excellent technical support: With dealer support available 24/7 you will never get stuck. Indeed you have access to live chat and this makes it easier to get resolutions for any problem that arises.
  • Multicarrier services: The beauty of linking with Boss Cellular is that you have a wider range of services and products to sell. MVNO offers Verizon, Sprint and AT&T services across the country. Indeed your store will be serving customers from all walks of life.

Have you been thinking of how to revamp your wireless retail store? It is time to leverage the power offered by Boss Cellular.

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