Raymarine Dragonfly Series: Pros and Cons

One of the leading brands in manufacturing boating supplies used in fishing is Raymarine, and they take pride in manufacturing a lot of technologically advanced fish finders.

A fish finder is a boating equipment which is used to find the location of fish under water. It sends down sonar signals which detects pulses of sound energy, which will be your key to knowing where the fish are located.

This review will give you the pros and cons their most popular series of fish finders, the Dragonfly Series, to help you decide if this brand best suits your purpose. It is home to features which is similar to other brands, like having internal GPS, a user-friendly interface, and it can be connected to Wi-Fi.

Here are some unique pros and cons of the product:


1.      It gives you the clearest picture of what is underwater.

Purchasing a Dragonfly Fish Finder means saying goodbye to those blurry images on your fish finder display screen.

The Raymarine Dragonfly series uses one of the newest breakthroughs in marine electronics, the CHIRP Downvision Technology. CHIRP stands for Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse, which gives out stronger sonar signals than the usual fish finder. As a result, it gives you a photo-like imagery of what is underwater. The view is so detailed, you’ll be able to easily differentiate a plant, fish, and rock on your screen.

Before the CHIRP Downvision Technology, you’ll only be able to get these very detailed views if you purchase special boating supplies which costs a lot of money.

2.      It is better at finding fish than anything before.

This still has something to do with their CHIRP technology and the stronger sonar signal it emits. Because of this technology, the fish finder is able to cover a wider distance and deeper depth. It gives accurate locations, too.


1.      It come with a very brief manual.

Many of fishing enthusiasts have said a thing or two about this fact. Getting marine equipment to work will be very easy for experts, but not for first-timers and the not-so-seasoned hobbyists. Installing and setting-up the device would have been a whole lot easier if the manufacturers have provided a more extensive guide.

2.      The transducer

Many have also had words against the Dragonfly’s transducer, saying that it won’t work on certain locations where they mount it on their boat. This happens during their first try, but still get them to work at some point.

The size of their transducer is also 7-inches long, which is too long and not very ideal.

Given all these, the pros still outweigh the cons of the Dragonfly series from Raymarine. This is definitely one of the boating supplies which will give you a better and more productive fishing experience.

Rob Quint is the author of this article on boating supplies. Find more information, about Raymarine.