RPO- User Friendly Recruitment Solutions

rpocompanyindiaIn the current scenario, selection process has become increasingly difficult, with increasing education and a large number of candidates applying for a single opening. It has become a challenging process to select the right candidate for a particular job.

The basic requirement of a recruitment process is the estimate the knowledge, skills and ability that will suit the job requirement. The basic and the foremost to initiate a recruitment process is CV screening. It is the processes of qualifying and disqualifying the candidates based on certain objectives that suit the requirement for a job. In this technological era, there are also fast selection processes that will automate desired CV’s. The basic steps involved in the selection process are:-

  • Elimination of the candidates unqualified for a job.
  • Scanning of the keywords.
  • Evaluating the resume.
  • Evaluating the candidates past job history.

This whole process of CV screening is to select the select the right number of candidates for Candidate screening, where candidates are proactively judged in their talent acquisitions.

There are various processes involved in screening of the resume:-

Selection of the Keywords

Cv Screening is done for a particular job, and for a job there are well selected chosen keywords, that help in the selection of particular resumes from a large bulk and selection from the the keywords makes the selection of the resume an easier task. As keywords can be required skills or activities that make the selection process easier, that also can be done with help of computer aid.

Evaluation of the CV

After selection of the resume from the keywords, the resumes are carefully reviewed on the basis of education, experience on work front, and salary demand. The main task is that the candidate is able to perform the job functions that suit the job description.

Qualitative review of the candidate

Resumes are selected on the basis of requirement of job description and candidates reaching up to this level, are potential and suitable enough for the job. This step is further examining candidates that are fraud or red flagged that their documents or details mentioned in the Cv are not actual.

Resume red flags

There are resumes that are red flagged on the basis of questions asked from the candidate, gaps in employment, or candidates constantly changing their jobs. However there are valid reasons for the same. But somehow a lot of candidates with regular jobs or non gaps their CV’s are preferred over the red flagged candidates.

There are somehow other factors also that determine the selection of the candidate on the basis of the same that would be the advancement in knowledge or latest up gradation and the right approach of the candidate towards a job opening. Somehow a candidate in much more striking than the actual CV, and the financial aspect, when a person is overqualified and is willing to accept a less salary, that would somehow be beneficial for the company as an overqualified candidate will put in more input and can generate better output. As the person would be resourceful and will suit the company requirements.