The original Kush strains of the cannabis have rugged qualities

Cannabis has medicinal and recreational use. In spite of various Governments banning its cultivation, many cannabis growers plant these seeds legally as well as illegally. The cannabis seeds require a particular kind of climate to flower properly. You get these climates in the Hindukush Range of mountains in the regions around Pakistan and Afghanistan. The variety of cannabis growing in these regions is renowned as the Kush strains.

The Kush strains are extremely popular throughout the world. These plants grow in tough circumstances and have a resinous quality. People all over the world seek these strains for a variety of reasons ranging from medicinal to recreational. This is the original Cannabis Indica breed or variety of the plant.

Man has a habit of trying out various artificial breeding. Hence, you can explain his attempts to crossbreed the pure Indica variety with the popular Sativa strain for discovering a new strain having both these qualities. The crossbreeding requires maintenance of certain geographical conditions. After many attempts at doing so, the breeders have tasted success in growing the crossbreed variety in the mountainous and desert regions of California.

They named this strain as the OG Kush strain. This breed has the qualities of both the Indica and the Sativa. The true formula of the crossbreed is a secret as of today. However, many phenotypes of the breed have become popular because of various breeding programs.

The original OG Kush structure is easy to identify. You get a variety of these Kush strains in the online market. These Kush strains have the rugged qualities of the Afghani Kush and the highbred OG Kush. This makes for a mouth-watering combination.

There are many variants of the Kush strains such as the purple strains, haze strains, etc. However, the original Kush strain does have its popularity even today.

The hippy culture in America is the main reason for the growth of cannabis strains in the US. Originally, from the mountainous ranges of Pakistan and Afghanistan, this cannabis plant has now reached the shores of many Western countries, notably the USA.

They have succeeded in creating different crossbreeds between the traditional and rugged Indica and the popular Sativa. The Purple Haze strains are the perfect example of this crossbreeding.

The result is that you have cannabis of the highest quality on hand. This cannabis can give you an instant kick. The Purple Haze strains owe their origins to the Haze brothers in California. Sam the Skunkman has the credit for bringing this strain to the Netherlands.

This original OG Kush breed has a long flowering time best suited for the outdoor climates. The climatic conditions in Europe are not perfectly conducive for the outdoor growth of cannabis. Hence, they have modified the OG Kush strains into the haze strains making the same capable of growing indoors. The latter half of the 1980s has seen a spurt in the growth of the haze strains in Europe. However, today, you get these Kush strains seeds and the Haze strains seeds in the online market.