Want To Save on Transfer Rates and Enjoy Seamless International Money transfer? Read This!

themoneycloudFor one reason or the other, you may need to transfer money from one country to another. It could be for the purpose of shopping, investment or relocating. The banking systems allow for this money transfer. They can move your money from one account to another at particular rates for the new currency. However, these rates are not always to your favor. Sometimes they buy the new currency at very high rates and you foot the losses. Thanks to privately owned firms, such as The Money Cloud, you can move your money from one country or jurisdiction to the next at very attractive rates. This firm in particular is the proud recipient of the Fintech Circle Award.

There are private firms that can help you move your money from one country to another at the lowest rates. After performing a money transfer comparison between them and the banks, experts in the field have found that the firms can transfer various amounts of funds that you want from one nation to another without any money transfer fees involved. In addition to that, they have better exchange rates than the ones that you find in the banks.

Characteristics of these firms

Professional international money transfer firms have a number of characteristics. These characteristics include:

  1. They employ and apply only the best Foreign Exchange (FX) brokers
  2. Their business practices are transparent
  3. They ensure that your money is kept as safe as possible

They apply the best FX brokers to handle your money

They ensure that they only employ the best Foreign Exchange (FX) brokers to transfer your funds. They apply innovative methods to move the money from one account in one country to another. These brokers perform a money transfer comparison to identify the perfect rates for you. They are as accommodating as they are skillful and work to create lasting bonds with their clients. These brokers will go out of their way to search for the best deals for you. They also apply industry accepted methods to ensure that your money is safe and secure.

All their business practices are completely transparent

They provide their clients with guides that are easy to follow. The prices that you are offered are honest. In addition to that, you can enjoy personalized services from the brokers. You can call them whenever you want and they will be at your service. Whenever you are faced with a financial decision when living in the new country or when in the process of transferring your funds, simply contact the FX brokers and they will assist you solve the problem immediately. Adherence to such stringent rules has helped firms such as The Money Cloud win the Fintech Circle Award.

They apply the safest measures for your money

Whenever money is involved, security must be observed and maintained. Every company that private money transfer firms work with must be checked thoroughly before it is added to the list of clients. When you approach this type of firm to transfer your money, you are required to provide quite a number of documents to ensure your legitimacy. The activities that these firms conduct are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As such, you can be sure that you are working with professionals.


If you need to transfer any amount of money from one country to the next, don’t go to the banks. Consult a private firm such as The Money Cloud to move the money for you. They are effective, discreet and highly reliable.

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